torsdag den 13. august 2009

Nkoaranga Hospital 2008

November 2008, Dr. Einar Eriksen and I went to Nkoaranga Hospital to operate Faraja.
Faraja, a six year old girl with 3rd degree burns on 40 % of her body, urgently needed a skin transplant. In Tanzania there are no opportunities for skin transplantation. Einar, a plastic surgeon from Norway, is currently living in Ethiopia where he works at Myungsung Christian Medical Center (MCM). Here he has built up a burn care centre for children.
During our stay at Nkoaranga Hospital Einar also operated two other girls, Jessica and Gloria, that both needed reconstructive surgery.
The operations went very well and we had some wonderful and inspiring days. Together we have started a new project, Moshi Burn Care Center (MBCC), where the vision is for Tanzanian doctors to specialize in Addis Ababa at MCM under Einar’s supervision.

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