torsdag den 13. august 2009

A dream came through!

This fall, I’m going back to Tanzania and Nkoaranga Hospital with Dr. Einar Eriksen, the plastic surgeon from Norway that operated Faraja last year. Faraja’s operation was successful and today Faraja’s arm and shoulder is completely healed and she is back with her family.

Nonetheless, due to large areas with scar tissue on her upper body she will need several operations in the future, ensuring her mobility. This November Einar and I will go together to Nkoaranga Hospital where he will operate Faraja and other children with handicaps, due to both old and new burn injuries, that need reconstructive surgery.
After spending a few weeks in Tanzania I am going to visit Einar in Addis and experience Myungsung Christian Medical Center (MCM) and the burn care unit. Very exciting!

The majority of children that suffer from burn injuries in Tanzania come from poor families. The parents usually have no education, hence no income. Paying the hospital bill is therefore just about impossible for the family, resulting in the children not getting reconstructive surgery of old injuries and/or skin transplants. The lack of operation will reduce their life quality immensely.

If you want to give a donation, helping us help children with 3rd degree burns, please don’t hesitate!

Eik bank (Denmark): 6610 4804080
Skandiabanken (Norway): 9722 3042779

or send me a mail if you need further information!

Thank you!!

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